Get Involved

Helping out at church is important to help further the kingdom of God and to  help put you in touch with other Christians. Whether you are working for a great  cause at our church or participating in a social event, getting involved will  only enrich your life. You’ll be serving God, socializing with others and  helping those in need. Since churches largely operate on a volunteer basis, there are  always plenty of ways available for you to get involved.



Help with activities that need to take place during the day of the church  service. For example, help collect tithes and offerings as an usher, handout  bulletins, help set up and clean up after service, work the soundboard or video camera,  help with the nursery or teach Sunday school.


Participate in special events at our church throughout the year. For example,  play a part in the Christmas or Easter play, help serve special dinners that  serve as fundraisers, or help set up or attend a Women’s or Men’s event.


Start a new ministry at our church. Begin a deaf ministry that provides sign  language for the deaf, start a single’s group or  a friendship group.  Run activities at the church and even consider retreats  or other church outings if you can afford it.  Contact any of our ministry leaders to find out what you can do to help.


Participate in scheduled church activities, including special dinners, Sunday  school meetings and family outings with our church. Encourage your family and  friends to attend these activities as well, working to get them involved and  share your church experience with them.

Extend a loving hand of friendship to individuals who are in the most need.  Be a loving supporter for our church and work to make our church a more  friendly and inviting home for  others as well.




Don’t get caught up in trying to be perfect at whatever you choose to do at or  for our church. Remember to keep the right perspective; you are doing this to  help God’s Kingdom.